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Breakbulk Europe Main Stage

This pop-up theatre was built from scratch for a two-day conference on the floor of an exhibition hall at Messe Bremen in Germany. See it in action here. The backdrop was a stretched fabric construction in four panels, with a center cutout for the presentation screen. The seamless fabric graphics on the side walls featured the conference agenda and a key global marketing graphic, which you can see more closely here.


Europe Tech & Innovation Hub

This secondary theatre was also on display at Breakbulk Europe 2019. See it in action here. The side panels featured the agenda for this space, as well as the global marketing graphic from the Main Stage. I broke that graphic into two parts and ran each piece on the left and right sides of the space. The layout of the backdrop was defined in part by the height of the stage and chairs, as well as the size and positioning of the presentation screen.


Breakbulk on the Rise

This open area on the exhibition floor contained spaces where new companies could set up their own displays without committing to a complete stand. In the center of this area, I designed a graphic with our show branding and a short explainer describing the function of this area. It read: "Welcome these new participants to the Breakbulk Europe family. Start a conversation and learn about what they have to offer to your supply chain."


Breakbulk China Entrance Arch

This larger-than-life arch stood outside the South entrance of the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center to greet attendees as they approached the venue. It featured bilingual text, wraparound graphics to enhance the three-dimensionality of the piece, and contrasting side panels with industry images to visually connect the display to the theme of the show.

02_BBCH18_Outside_Welcome_Arch-North cop

Breakbulk China North Arch

This smaller arch stood at the North entrance to the venue. I wanted to include lots of color, but needed a column of white space on which to feature color sponsor logos. I decided to divide the arch diagonally, which fit the theme of the show and provided an elegant way to create white space without resorting to a clunky rectangular background.


Breakbulk China Escalator Arch

This third archway stood inside the venue, at the base of a set of escalators to direct attendees to the correct exhibit hall. The architecture of the build, which was designed by general service contractor Milton, was evocative of a crane, to fit the theme of the show. The graphics support the architecture and carry the theme through, while maintaining the overall show look.

BBAM18 Sales Lounge Final Concept Render

Breakbulk Americas Sales Lounge

This space provided an area for the sales team to host clients during the onsite rebooking effort at Breakbulk Americas, but it also promoted the other shows within the Breakbulk portfolio. It also featured a large graphic display to showcase the Media department, which included a magazine, industry directory and weekly newswire, as well as webinars.

Photo Contest Wall-render-620x375.jpg

Land & Sea Photo Contest Display

I favor photo displays with clean lines, neutral backgrounds and meticulous spacing; the challenge is to create this layout regardless of how many images must be included. I start by running the top-performing contest photos prominently, then deciding which additional images are good candidates to run large. The remainder are used to fill out the space.

BBEU18 VIP Lounge-2.jpg

Breakbulk Europe VIP Lounge

This VIP networking space from 2018 features an earlier iteration of the global marketing graphic shown above, strategically divided between an open central space and a pair of private meeting rooms. This build also features clean lines and clear informational typography.

BBEU18 VIP Lounge-5.jpg

Breakbulk Europe VIP Lounge – Reverse

On the reverse of the VIP Lounge, which faced into the aisle and saw lots of passing foot traffic, I reiterated the global graphics that defined the Breakbulk portfolio. I broke up the space with vertical navy columns to provide focal points for passing attendees.

20180501_Breakbulk_ Sales_Lounge-620x375

Breakbulk Europe Sales Lounge

In this feature area, the layout of the wall graphic on the left had to work around the placement of a plasma screen. On the long back wall, the floor plans were strategically placed: The Americas show was physically mounted over the Americas on the map; likewise for the Middle East and China. The color scheme of the wall map was also designed to coordinate with the show colors of the mounted floor plans. See this space in action here.

Watch this recent recap video from Breakbulk Europe 2019 to get a feel for the size and energy of the events I've worked on. For this show I created graphics for 13 builds, including three registration spaces, two content theatres, a sales lounge, a filming area and a VIP lounge, which was branded as the Masters Arena. I also designed supporting banners, signs and handheld collateral.  /  Video credit: Breakbulk Events & Media

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