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Elevating brands
in a crowded universe.

With a fresh take on current trends and a fastidious eye for detail, I create memorable pieces that fit each client's specific needs. From publication layout to event graphics to full-service creative strategy, my work is designed to grab attention – and keep it.





I have professional experience in a variety of publication roles: designer, writer, editor and photographer. I have a keen understanding of the importance of each function, which helps me work collaboratively with team members to produce highly polished products.

BBAM18 Sales Lounge Final Concept Render

Expos & Conferences

I have designed graphics for events all over the world, bridging time differences, language barriers and tight deadlines to produce pieces in coordination with local production teams. My work includes feature area display graphics, print and digital signage, and handheld collateral.


Promotional Pieces

From print ads to banner ads, social media graphics to sales brochures, GIFs to infographics, I've worked in every star of the contemporary marketing constellation – and I can help clients navigate the options to choose the best media for their message.



Brand Identity

For companies just getting started or those who want to refresh their look, I create custom logos and templates for daily use, in addition to defining the brand's color palette and typefaces. I also advise on the messaging components of a brand, from overall tone and taglines to specific copy for ads, websites and social media.

Marketing Materials

From business cards to billboards and everything in between, I create pieces that are both eye-catching and clear. I can also help companies that want to boost the look, content and organization of their website and social media channels. I stay on top of trends, but also look for ways to break away from the herd and find innovative twists on current styles.

Event Graphics

My print experience runs the gamut from show guides to standing signs,  banners to build graphics. I can also integrate digital pieces, including still slides, simple animations and presentations. Each has its own considerations in terms of technical specs and production quality, and I can navigate them all.


When a client needs a publication built from scratch, I design a template that includes not just master pages and paragraph and character styles, but also a library of icons, boxes and ad sizes to be used throughout the book. If a client already has a template, I hew to their existing style guidelines for seamless brand consistency.

Creative Strategy

If a client's communications just aren't connecting with their intended audience, I can help them assess and refine their approach. Have a big event coming up? Let's plan the rollout. Launching a new product soon? Let's get the word out. With a combination of creative thinking and metrics-based goal-setting, we can set and meet targets for growth.

Writing & Editing

I appreciate good narrative, whether I'm writing ad copy or a magazine feature. My goal is always to find the angle that sparks the strongest connection between subject and reader. One of my biggest strengths is versatility; I'm just as comfortable with breezy lifestyle pieces as I am with data-driven business content.  



I'm Catherine Dorrough, owner of Dorrough Creative LLC. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, I went to college at Loyola University in New Orleans, where I earned a degree in mass communication. After college, I found my heart along the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay.

I launched my career as an editor and writer at Mobile Bay magazine and Mobile Bay Bride, where I learned about all the hidden gems and points of pride of my new coastal home.

After a short hiatus to focus on raising my daughter, I worked remotely as an in-house designer for ITE, a London-based events company that hosts trade shows all over the world. I was a member of the Global Brands division, which perfectly fit my drive to create events with a strong brand identity.

In spring 2019 I took a leap and started my own company, Dorrough Creative LLC, to provide creative services to new clients both near and far.

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